Satisfied Customers

“I have been associated with Jentle Harts Consulting for many years.  Most recently they did group training on two occasions for our local Nursing Home Collaborative.  They have an excellent way with training in that they make it fun and the information is retained.  At my facility I have seen improved interactions from staff who attend Jentle Harts dementia training have improved interactions with residents suffering from memory loss.  I have also seen my department heads and middle managers communicate better with their reports after they attend teamwork training from Jentle Harts.  If I need training done, Marilyn and Ladonna are the first on my list to call!”

- SNF Administrator, Gibson General Hospital, Princeton, IN

“Jentle Harts is awesome to work with. They have been my ‘go to’ trainers for state programs for years. They are always updating their information and willingly share that to enhance our training materials.”

- Midwestern AZ Assoc Education Director

“When approached by the largest healthcare organization in the USA for a nationally distributed white paper, I didn’t hesitate to recommend Jentle Harts.”

- Executive Director, National Association of Adult Day Services

“We wouldn’t be where we are [successful ADS site with 76 active volunteers] without Jentle Harts’ advice and training for the last 12 years. They assisted our original architects, program developmnent, staff development, policy and procedure manual, and is currently assisting our person centered care and DCM quality assurance initiative. Their annual or semiannual trainings are very popular with our staff and volunteers.”

- Executive Director, Northern Indiana ADS

“The first time we heard about Person Centered Care was at a national trade conference presentation given by Jentle Harts. I think they were the first to introduce the subject to adult day service providers. Just before the conference,when I walked down the corridor in our assisted living facility I heard staff consistently lying to residents and use deception as a care technique . We had been using this as an appropriate intervention but it didn’t feel right. I couldn’t explain why. When Jentle Harts presented info about how to change care practices to prevent using such demeaning or depersonalizing interventions I argued with them and had multiple discussions how to implement change and educate staff. The end result was Jentle Harts had a long-term relationship with our organization and jumpstarted our culture change and person centered care process.”

- Recently retired Executive Director of three care facilities in Arizona