Culture Change

Most of today’s care communities understand that person centered culture change is morally and theoretically the right thing to do, but are still grappling with acquiring the necessary everyday tools for implementation. Many are stuck on old models of physical outcome.

Jentle Harts can help your care community:

    • apply current models and methods of care to a variety of settings for individuals’ quality of life;
    • implement effective leadership strategies across the board to empower staff and other care partners to use powerful tools of research and assessment in their daily interaction with residents;
    • recognize, celebrate and utilize unique gifts and talents that enrich and distinguish care communities.

Our Culture Change education equips staff and leadership to recognize, anazlyze and implement the eight important principles of change:

1) Create urgency

2) Form a powerful correlation

3) Create a vision of change

4) Communicate the vision

5) Remove obstacles

6) Create short term wins

7) Build on change

8) Anchor the change in corporate structure