Dementia Specific Training

16-hour curriculum that includes the following areas and topics: overview of the disease process, managing stress, communication skills, assisting with ADLs, safety, medications, environments, challenging behaviors, and recreational activities. This training is appropriate for all staff in any type of care setting for any person working with persons with dementia.

Person Centered Dementia Care

An advanced course based on the most up to date and influential psychosocial understandings of dementia. This training spans from 8 to 18 hours depending on the needs for your staff and facility. It is appropriate for all staff working with persons with dementia.

Activities Programming to Meet the Needs of Persons with Dementia

This training is an 8-hour program to explore methods to modify activities to meet the special needs of persons with dementia. As a result of this training, you will learn how to take activities and adapt them to multiple levels for the varied skills and abilities of participants with dementia.

Leadership in Activities

Within everyone there is a leader, so learn how to develop leadership abilities that create a self-directed team. Get everyone on board in your unit to broaden the base of support and involvement within the activities program. This 4 to 8-hour program is appropriate for all members of your team.

Leadership and Teamwork

This training explores cutting edge techniques to emphasize leadership as a basis for team building. This is not a quick fix technique, but requires a commitment from administration and staff to evolve the organization to a higher level of quality care. Within this training, explore the ABCs of leadership techniques to develop a cohesive, self-directed team. Receive initial two-day training with follow-up, debriefing and practice sessions over a six month period via telephone, e-mail and visits as appropriate. The outcomes empirically demonstrated by using this method indicate a significant reduction in staff turnover, staff absenteeism, and staff injury, thereby saving of human resource dollars. This training is appropriate for all employees, from administrators to newly hired staff.

Training the Program Assistant in Adult Day Services

32-hour curriculum that assures minimum skill sets in preparation for program assistant certification testing or to strengthen the contributions of program assistants within an adult day service center. Categories of topics covered include: understanding adult day services, target population, administration and organization, personal care, services, staffing, facility and environmental and safety considerations, serving individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Some states or facilities have chosen to bring us to facilitate the 32-hour program assistant training as a means of assessing the impact of the training and give their potential trainers experience.